Why Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Trailer Specifically Designed For Tradesmen?


As a tradesman, you have a lot of equipment and tools to transport from one worksite to another. This can be both time-consuming and challenging, especially if you need to carry a large quantity of gear. Perhaps it is time to consider buying a trailer that's specifically designed for your purpose. Investing in a high-quality trailer can be a game-changer by providing you with a convenient way to transport your goods without worrying about their safety.

24 May 2023

Four Signs Your Car Could Benefit From Vehicle Dyno Tuning


When it comes to getting the most out of your vehicle, there are many options available. From modifications to upgrades, and even just regular maintenance, you can do a lot to improve your vehicle's performance and overall experience. One option that many people overlook is vehicle dyno tuning. Vehicle dyno tuning, also known as power tuning, is a process by which a car is tuned to get more horsepower and torque from its engine.

21 November 2022

How to Make Your Flat Top Trailer Even More Responsive


If you are a contractor or run a busy farm, you may rely on a versatile, flat top trailer to go about your everyday business. You know that you can configure this trailer for a wide variety of jobs, add removable sides if you want to carry loose equipment or goods and even convert it into a tipper. Yet you can make your flat top even more flexible by adding the latest type of braking system, designed to give you ultimate control.

25 January 2022

Do You Need Extra Cooling to Protect Your Period Car?


If you have an older vehicle and prefer driving this type of car or truck compared to its modern-day counterpart, you may like to keep things as simple as possible. It won't be fitted with most of those modern-day electronic gadgets and may not have any ECU or 'brain' to speak of. However, you may have to perform certain modifications if you want this vehicle to last as long as possible and, crucially, to make sure that the engine does not overheat.

11 November 2021

Top Reasons Cabbies Must Install Moulded Car Carpets in their Taxis


For most taxi operators, a car carpet is just a rag that comes with a car to conceal the metallic floor. Notably, a factory-installed car carpet might not have what it takes to run a successful taxi business. A moulded carpet is considered the best choice because it perfectly wraps around high and low contours on a car's floor. Here is why a moulded car carpet is ideal for taxi drivers.

13 July 2021

Benefits of Deluxe Plant Trailers for Your Landscaping Business


If you are a landscaper you likely have at least one plant trailer. Though most plant trailers are basically the same, there are some that have upgrades. These upgrades can be ordered as part of a custom build or you can find some trailers that already have the options you want. If you aren't sure what would fall under the category of a deluxe plant trailer, here are a few of the upgrades to look for.

24 November 2020

Why Opt for a Mobile Roof Rack Fitting Service?


Roof racks are incredibly versatile and will greatly augment the storage capacity of the average family car. You can obtain these accessories from many retailers around the country – nearly every town and city will have an auto accessory store you can purchase them from. However, buying one from a shop or an online store will mean that you will have to fit it yourself. This is not the case when you opt for mobile fitting roof racks because they are delivered and installed for you.

31 July 2020

Three Guidelines to Help Maintain Your Marine Batteries


At some point, even the best-maintained batteries outlive their usefulness. When this happens, you will have no choice but to replace them. However, it is possible to use and maintain your batteries in a way that gives them the longest and best life possible. If you want your batteries to serve you for the longest time possible, you have to start by understanding why marine batteries fail. Here is what you might not know about marine battery failure and how to prevent it from happening.

27 November 2019

Two Tips for Those Who Want to Buy a New Ute Tray for Their Truck


A Ute tray can be a very useful accessory for larger vehicles that are used to transport bulky items on a regular basis. If you are planning to purchase a Ute tray for your truck, you may want to keep the following advice in mind. Opt for an alloy tray When you start perusing the selection of Ute trays available online and in your local area, you should look for ones that are made from alloys rather than pure metals.

1 February 2019

Caravan Towing Tips: Why You Need a Weight Distribution Hitch


If you've just bought your first caravan, you can't simply hitch it to your car's towbar and drive off into the wilderness. A caravan is a heavy load for a car to pull, and you need to make sure that its weight is distributed safely. To get a safe ride and tow, you may need to add a weight distribution hitch to your towing setup. What do these hitches do and why do you need one?

29 November 2018