How to Make Your Flat Top Trailer Even More Responsive


If you are a contractor or run a busy farm, you may rely on a versatile, flat top trailer to go about your everyday business. You know that you can configure this trailer for a wide variety of jobs, add removable sides if you want to carry loose equipment or goods and even convert it into a tipper. Yet you can make your flat top even more flexible by adding the latest type of braking system, designed to give you ultimate control. What do you need to know about this technology?

Upgrading Your Trailer Performance

Although your towing vehicle may have good capability and be able to handle a fully loaded trailer in most circumstances, it makes sense to fit an upgraded brake control mechanism to the trailer itself. Some of the systems are entirely self-contained and do not require you to make any modifications to the towing vehicle at all. They are also meant to fit trailers of any size and are perfectly suited to your flat top, no matter its dimensions.

Smart Communication

These braking systems are truly "smart." In fact, they can be connected to your mobile phone through a Bluetooth connection. The models include one of the latest, high-speed microprocessors and sensors that can gather information quickly to provide you with the latest data. The device will also communicate with your smartphone or another controller, and in this case, the distance is no object.

Constant Connection

You should expect a continuous connection with reliable performance and no dropouts in almost every situation. Consequently, you can fit the device to the most logical position on the drawbar, and you'll be ready to go. You simply need to connect the unit to an auxiliary power input, or you can even connect it to the taillights should you wish.

Ultimate Configurability

Once installed, you will be able to configure the device for a range of options. In other words, you can set up the braking system so that it can deal with a variety of different loads and still perform as you'd expect. You can manually override the brakes if conditions dictate or increase or decrease the brake response if you face particularly difficult terrain ahead.

Looking at Your Options

So, make your flat top trailer even more versatile than it already is by fitting a remote, self-contained braking system. Talk with your accessory supplier to get more details and find out what models are available.


25 January 2022

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