Top Reasons Cabbies Must Install Moulded Car Carpets in their Taxis


For most taxi operators, a car carpet is just a rag that comes with a car to conceal the metallic floor. Notably, a factory-installed car carpet might not have what it takes to run a successful taxi business. A moulded carpet is considered the best choice because it perfectly wraps around high and low contours on a car's floor. Here is why a moulded car carpet is ideal for taxi drivers.

Eliminates Uncomfortable Folds — Imagine getting into a taxi and your feet can feel folds all over the floor. Carpet folds can be pretty frustrating and uncomfortable to passengers, particularly those with high-heeled shoes. The folds usually form on loose carpets that move around as passengers get in and out of a cab. To make your passengers' feet comfortable, replace the stock carpet with a moulded design. A moulded car carpet is designed to perfectly fit a car's floor, ensuring it stays in place regardless of the constant shuffling of feet. Most importantly, you won't receive complaints from passengers about your cab's uncomfortable carpet.

Thermal Insulation — In summer, a car's air conditioning system needs to be in optimal condition for comfort. Passengers will not get into a cab that reminds them of a sauna. However, the type and condition of a car carpet affect an AC system's performance. For instance, if your car's carpet does not fit properly, it will leave gaps along the edges. The spaces allow heat from the metal chassis and the ground to get into a car cabin, making your air conditioning system work harder. A moulded car carpet acts as a thermal insulator because it creates a seal between the ground/chassis and a car cabin. Thus, moulded car carpets enhance passenger comfort without overworking the AC system. 

Noise Dampener — As highways and city roads age, gravel pebbles dislodge from the tarmac and hit the underside of vehicles passing over. Therefore, your ride can be noisy, particularly if you have a carpet that does not fit right. On the other hand, moulded car carpets act as noise dampeners thanks to the tight fit. Thus, your passengers will be able to converse, talk over the phone or enjoy a quiet ride. Besides, moulded carpet's ability to cancel ground noise from gravel and tyres ensures that nothing interferes with the sound quality of your cab's audio system. Adding acoustic panels or cushioning to the sides only elevates a taxi's comfort levels. 

To learn more about moulded car carpets, contact a supplier.


13 July 2021

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