Do You Need Extra Cooling to Protect Your Period Car?


If you have an older vehicle and prefer driving this type of car or truck compared to its modern-day counterpart, you may like to keep things as simple as possible. It won't be fitted with most of those modern-day electronic gadgets and may not have any ECU or 'brain' to speak of. However, you may have to perform certain modifications if you want this vehicle to last as long as possible and, crucially, to make sure that the engine does not overheat.

11 November 2021

Top Reasons Cabbies Must Install Moulded Car Carpets in their Taxis


For most taxi operators, a car carpet is just a rag that comes with a car to conceal the metallic floor. Notably, a factory-installed car carpet might not have what it takes to run a successful taxi business. A moulded carpet is considered the best choice because it perfectly wraps around high and low contours on a car's floor. Here is why a moulded car carpet is ideal for taxi drivers.

13 July 2021