Do You Need Extra Cooling to Protect Your Period Car?


If you have an older vehicle and prefer driving this type of car or truck compared to its modern-day counterpart, you may like to keep things as simple as possible. It won't be fitted with most of those modern-day electronic gadgets and may not have any ECU or 'brain' to speak of. However, you may have to perform certain modifications if you want this vehicle to last as long as possible and, crucially, to make sure that the engine does not overheat. What do you need to take into consideration?

Old-Fashioned and Inefficient

In older vehicles like this, the cooling fan is mounted on the front of the engine. It will only turn when the engine is running, and its speed will depend on how quickly the crankshaft is turning. This is not ideal, of course, as when the vehicle is stationary at a traffic light, no air will be flowing through the radiator, and the fan will only be turning slowly. It's little surprise, therefore, that the engine may start overheating, and this is never a good scenario.

In this case, consider fitting a new electric cooling fan. These come in various shapes and sizes, and you will almost always find one that will work for you, even if there is not much room in which to fit it.

Pull or Push

One of the most popular options is a 'pull' fan which, as the name implies, pulls air through the radiator to cool off the fluid. Some people may choose to put a 'push' fan on the front, but this will inevitably cover part of the radiator and negate some gain.

Sizing Your Fan

You need to choose the type of cooling fan that is most appropriate for your engine configurations. These fans will deliver a given number of cubic feet per minute and, essentially, the smaller the engine you have, the simpler the fan that you will need.


Finally, decide whether you want a fan that will always be on or activated by a switch you'll put on the dashboard. Of course, you have to remember to turn it on whenever you sit at a traffic light.

Protecting Your Investment

If your period vehicle has a tendency to overheat, don't risk your investment. It will surely be expensive to repair a damaged engine and much better for you to buy an electric fan now and avoid such an issue. Contact an automotive electrician to learn more.


11 November 2021

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