Caravan Towing Tips: Why You Need a Weight Distribution Hitch


If you've just bought your first caravan, you can't simply hitch it to your car's towbar and drive off into the wilderness. A caravan is a heavy load for a car to pull, and you need to make sure that its weight is distributed safely. To get a safe ride and tow, you may need to add a weight distribution hitch to your towing setup. What do these hitches do and why do you need one?

29 November 2018

How to Ensure That You Keep Hold of Your New Trailer


If you're a fan of motorised sport, you may own a speedboat, race or rally car and enjoy many a long weekend away pursuing your hobby. In order to get from your home to the various motorsport venues, however, you need to tow your boat or car on a trailer. It goes without saying that you have a lot of money invested in all of your kit, not the least of which involves your purchase of a high quality car trailer.

30 April 2018

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bullbar


A bullbar can offer protection for your car in the instance of a collision. This bar minimises the impact upon colliding with another vehicle or animal. Bulbars also come in handy when towing disabled vehicles off the road. If you wish to accessorise your car with a bullbar, here are five factors you need to consider: Type of material Alloy bullbars are durable and lighter compared to steel. They withstand weather elements without corroding.

29 January 2018