5 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bullbar


A bullbar can offer protection for your car in the instance of a collision. This bar minimises the impact upon colliding with another vehicle or animal. Bulbars also come in handy when towing disabled vehicles off the road. If you wish to accessorise your car with a bullbar, here are five factors you need to consider:

Type of material

Alloy bullbars are durable and lighter compared to steel. They withstand weather elements without corroding. However, you may find it difficult to repaint after a collision. Steel bars are more massive and therefore provide a better cushion for high impacts. They are also much more affordable than alloy devices. Aluminum bars are sturdy and weigh much less than steel, but they fetch a higher price. Roto-moulded polyethylene is gaining popularity for its toughness and resistance to damage.

Style of bullbar

Different manufacturers provide different styles of nudge bars to suit different car models. A bumper bar is the most basic option while a triple hoop offers the best protection though it is weighty. Baja and competition bars are the most ideal for off-road competitions and not road use. Select a style that suits the purpose of your vehicle.

Ease of installation

If you are fond of do-it-yourself projects, you need to buy hand wrenches, penetrating solvent, screwdrivers, power drill, and anti-seise lubricant. You may opt to enlist the services of a professional installer to do the job for you. Either way, you want a device that is easy to install without many complications.

Protect radiator

The radiator of your car plays a significant role in cooling the engine. If you often go for outback rides, you want a bullbar that will keep the heater intact even upon massive impact. It must also protect the headlights to avoid inconveniences when driving on outback roads.  Depending on the usage of your vehicle, invest in a framed bullbar that offers maximum protection.


While the main reason for installing a bullbar is protection, you also want to accessorise your vehicle and make it look good. Compare different nudge bars to see one that is strong without compromising on the beauty of your car. Your best bet is a device with mounting tabs, so you add accessories to enhance the look.


Bullbars are essential in protecting your vehicle and preventing it from collecting debris when driving on off-roads. Compare different options to find a bullbar that is best suited to your needs.


29 January 2018

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