Caravan Towing Tips: Why You Need a Weight Distribution Hitch


If you've just bought your first caravan, you can't simply hitch it to your car's towbar and drive off into the wilderness. A caravan is a heavy load for a car to pull, and you need to make sure that its weight is distributed safely. To get a safe ride and tow, you may need to add a weight distribution hitch to your towing setup. What do these hitches do and why do you need one?

What Is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

When you tow something heavy behind your car with a standard towbar, the extra weight is focused through the towbar and on to your car's rear axle. A weight distribution hitch gives you a better way of managing this weight. The hitch spreads the load to reduce weight on the rear axle. It splits weight load more evenly between the car and the thing it tows.

Why Use a Weight Distribution Hitch?

If you try to tow a heavy caravan without taking weight distribution into consideration, then two things can happen. The back of your car dips down because it is carrying the majority of the weight, and the rear of the caravan may lift slightly because its weight is pulling it forward.

If your car and caravan aren't evenly and equally balanced, then your driving may be impaired. Your front axle may not sit in its correct position if the car lists backwards. This may affect your braking and steering systems. Your car may be harder to handle, especially if you are in a hazardous situation where you have to brake or control the car quickly.

If you drive this way regularly, then you'll also see your tyres wear down more quickly than they should. Your fuel costs will likely increase, as your car uses more fuel to compensate for the strain on its systems.

If you use a weight distribution hitch, then the caravan's weight is balanced between your car and the caravan itself. This keeps both ends of both vehicles safely on the ground without any dips or lifts. Plus, an even weight spread makes it less likely that your caravan will sway from side to side when you're driving or when you brake.

You can't buy just any weight distribution hitch and expect it to work. You need a hitch that fits your car and that is strong enough to cope with your caravan's weight. To find the right hitch, ask a towing equipment provider for advice.


29 November 2018

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