How to Ensure That You Keep Hold of Your New Trailer


If you're a fan of motorised sport, you may own a speedboat, race or rally car and enjoy many a long weekend away pursuing your hobby. In order to get from your home to the various motorsport venues, however, you need to tow your boat or car on a trailer. It goes without saying that you have a lot of money invested in all of your kit, not the least of which involves your purchase of a high quality car trailer. How do you ensure that you hang on to your car trailer whenever you are not around to look after it?

Getting the Right Protection

If you have a car, in particular, it is likely that you keep this vehicle in a garage when it is not in use. However, most people will store the trailer outside the property and leave it there until it's time to get on the road again. This can be very tempting for some of the less-salubrious people in society, who may be jealous of your new acquisition.

The good news is that there are many different ways to protect your trailer. Certainly, you may have CCTV in the area to record the details of any indiscretion, but you really want to prevent the theft in the first place.

Coupling Head

Begin by looking at the coupling head, which is the main piece of hardware that connects the trailer to the vehicle. You will need to get hold of a conversion kit to change the coupling head, so that it is automatically in its locked position whenever it is either attached to the towing vehicle or by itself.

There are a variety of different locks available in the aftermarket, which can also stop thieves from connecting your vehicle to a towing ball and may be used independently or together with the coupling head mechanism to provide additional security.


Don't forget that you can buy wheel clamps to fit to each wheel of the trailer, which will provide a very visible deterrent for anyone with their eye on your gear. Remember, the more obstacles you put in their way, the less likely they are to mess around with this particular example and will likely move on to the next victim.


If, despite what you do, somebody does make off with the trailer, then you must ensure that you have fitted it with a GPS tracking device. These are tiny and can be fitted out of sight quite easily. You will be able to track the location of the device and therefore the trailer and this will help police to recover your property in the worst-case scenario.

Locating the Equipment

Have a word with the supplier of your trailer accessories to make sure that your first priority is security.


30 April 2018

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