Two Tips for Those Who Want to Buy a New Ute Tray for Their Truck


A Ute tray can be a very useful accessory for larger vehicles that are used to transport bulky items on a regular basis. If you are planning to purchase a Ute tray for your truck, you may want to keep the following advice in mind.

Opt for an alloy tray

When you start perusing the selection of Ute trays available online and in your local area, you should look for ones that are made from alloys rather than pure metals. The reason for this is as follows; alloys are made from a combination of metals and other elements. This makes them far more robust than their pure counterparts. As such, alloy Ute trays are significantly more durable than ones made from single metals (like aluminium, for example).

If you choose a tray of this kind, it won't dent very easily if, for example, another road user bumps into the back of your vehicle, or if you reverse without looking and the tray at the back of your truck collides with a wall or a street lamp. Likewise, a Ute tray made from an alloy will be more likely to survive the impact of a heavy object falling on it, without cracking or sustaining any other major damage.

This means that if, for example, you park your truck next to a tree and the tree collapses and falls onto your vehicle, the tray should remain relatively unscathed. This type of tray is also highly resistant to corrosion; because of this, it won't deteriorate if you routinely park your vehicle outside during bouts of heavy rainfall.

Take the weight of the goods you will be transporting on the tray into consideration

The load limits of Ute trays can vary quite a bit. Generally speaking, the more the tray itself weighs, the greater its load limit will be.

When shopping for this vehicle accessory, you should make sure that the tray you choose to buy has a load limit which is significantly higher than the average weight of the goods that you plan to transport on it. The reason for this is as follows; if you choose a Ute tray that has a load limit of, for example, 500kg, and you repeatedly use it to transport items that weigh over a tonne, the base of the tray may buckle. This buckling could make the tray so unlevel that it can no longer be used to transport goods.


1 February 2019

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