Benefits of Deluxe Plant Trailers for Your Landscaping Business


If you are a landscaper you likely have at least one plant trailer. Though most plant trailers are basically the same, there are some that have upgrades. These upgrades can be ordered as part of a custom build or you can find some trailers that already have the options you want. If you aren't sure what would fall under the category of a deluxe plant trailer, here are a few of the upgrades to look for.

Gated Sections

A leading issue you may have is when you haul different landscaping items along with plants and plants of different sizes. This can lead to issues with having to tie down too many items or having items that are falling over during transport. One way to solve this issue is to find a deluxe plant trailer that has gated sections. These sections can hold different items and can be sectioned off as needed with folding down gates that lift up and latch into place to create the storage areas. 

Irrigation Options

You may have landscaping jobs that take you several hours to get to. These may be landscaping jobs that are seasonal or larger companies that want landscaping down only a few times a year. If this is the case, keeping certain flowers and other plants from drying out during travel can be an issue. A deluxe plant trailer can be equipped with an irrigation option. This option is usually a small drip irrigation system that runs from a gravity-fed water tank hooked to your landscaping truck or to the trailer. This keeps the plants from drying out and allows you to easily irrigate other items such as mulch. 

Removable Cover

A removable cover may seem like a typical item you have on a trailer, but in a deluxe plant trailer, it is upgraded. For example, a removable cover with a traditional plant trailer is likely a tarp option of some kind that folds or rolls when not in use. In a deluxe trailer, the removable cover is more durable and can be used in heavy rains, snow or wind. The cover snaps into place and can be flat or pitched depending on the items you have in the trailer. 

If you think any of these upgrades would benefit your landscaping business, contact your local trailer manufacturer or fabrication contractor. They can help you with locating the right trailer for you or with fabricating plant trailers that fit your needs. The contractor can also answer questions you may have regarding the trailers, construction process, and pricing.

For more information, contact a local plant trailer supplier today.


24 November 2020

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