High-Tech Safety Features You Might Want in Your Next Vehicle


Many new vehicles today come with high-tech safety features that keep you safe when in the car and which help to monitor the condition of your vehicle, alerting you to needed repairs and maintenance. While some features may be standard, such as anti-lock brakes and adaptive headlights, there are some features you may need to select yourself. Note a few of those here so you can ensure you choose the right safety features for your vehicle and don't overlook anything that can keep you safe on the road.

Emergency response

Many cars come with a two-way assistance for emergency response, so you can speak to emergency personnel through a speaker in your car rather than having to reach for your cell phone. While this is often standard, you might look for an emergency response system that also automatically disconnects the battery from the alternator, which reduces the risk of an electrical fire or shock after an accident. Some might also shut off the fuel system so there is less risk of a gas fire. The system might also turn on the interior lights and unlock the doors for easier access by emergency personnel when they respond.

Rollover prevention

Rollbars are good for keeping your car safe during a rollover, but rollover prevention can include an automatic adjusting of the tyre speeds when you whip around a corner. The car may even slow itself down when it feels its weight adjusting enough to pull the tyres off the ground, even if you're accelerating. This feature can keep the car stable and can be a good choice for top heavy vehicle, such as jeeps and SUVs.


Reverse cameras turn on when you put the vehicle in reverse, and these show you what's behind the car before you back up; they may be standard in some vehicles. Additional cameras can also be a good option, such as those mounted to the side mirrors so you can see what would otherwise be a blind spot along the side of the car. Cameras mounted to the dashboard can sense oncoming traffic around a bend and may stop you from accelerating and may also activate when you put on a turn indicator to check for areas in the blind spot on the side to which you're turning. Other dashboard cameras record the area in front of the car, so you have that recording in case of a collision, traffic stop and the like.


28 March 2017

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