3 Ways Truck Drivers Can Improve Their Blood Circulation on the Road


If you want to stay healthy, it's imperative that you keep your blood circulating well. Poor circulation can lead to pains, chills in your extremities, rashes and low energy. If your circulation becomes poor enough, you'll be putting yourself at risk of serious illnesses affecting the heart and other organs, including DVT and stroke. One of the major causes of poor circulation is prolonged sitting. However, if you're a truck driver, you know that sitting for long periods is unavoidable due to your career. As a result, you need to take extra measures to avoid low blood flow. Here are 3 simple ways you can improve your circulation while driving.

Leg Exercises

While you're parked or sitting in stationary traffic, you can use your downtime to exercise your legs, feet and ankles. Gently stretching, rotating, lifting and flexing your lower limbs and joints will get your blood flowing. One of the simplest ankle rotation exercises is to lift your foot and draw each letter of the alphabet in the air, then repeat with your other foot. To exercise your feet, alternate between putting your weight on your toes and then putting it on your heels, each for a few seconds at a time. As for your knees, you can lift each leg up high in an alternating pattern, as if you're marching while sitting. Whenever possible, you should get out of your truck and walk around for a few minutes.

Ergonomic Cushions

You don't need to refit your truck with new seats to sit comfortably. There are now many manufacturers producing ergonomically designed seat cushions that alleviate pain and boost your circulation. Look for a purpose-designed cushion -- these are often curved to put you in the best posture for good circulation. They height will also raise your legs off the floor, preventing poor angling from slowing your blood flow.

Sheepskin Seat Covers

Many people choose sheepskin seat covers for their comfort and aesthetic appeal, but sheepskin pelts can also have positive effects on your health. One of sheepskin's major benefits is that it activates your blood circulation when in contact with your body. If you're particularly health conscious, you'll be glad to know that sheepskin heals your body in many other ways. Its similarity to human skin makes it a gentle material, and it can accelerate the healing of sensitive skin. Sheepskin regulates its own temperature, and it helps regulate your temperature by absorbing and dispersing sweat. It also has natural antibacterial properties.


30 August 2016

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